All Sunday school classes will end after Sunday April 14th.

They will pick up again in the Fall

Sunday School Classes

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Those under age 3 will be cared for during Sunday School in our nursery.


Sunday School for Children

Toddlers through Sixth graders will be studying the same thing each week, but at an age appropriate level. Kids will understand, through this curriculum, that all of the Bible is centered around one story – God’s story of redemption. If you would like to read more information about this curriculum, you may visit

There are 3 Classes

- Preschool through Kindergarten (beginning at age 3)

- First through Third grade

- Fourth through Sixth grade


Youth Sunday School

7th through 12th graders will be going through The Gospel Project. It will walk students through the entire Bible in 3 years showing how all of scripture points us to Christ!

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Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday school is taught by various elders and leaders of The Landing. We will be diving deep into God's word together by going through Core Curriculum produced by Capitol Hill Baptist Church.